General info on home education in Finland:

About 400-500 children home educated

Home education is legal and protected as such in constitution, expressed in law that the child has a “learning duty”, and that it can be fullfilled in school or elsewhere.

Before the beginning of each school year, all the parent needs to do, is to announce to the Educational Board of the municipality that they will fulfill the “learning duty” at home.
Since the fall of 2011, a home educator can choose between two types of home education:
– Follow the national curriculum, read the same material as in school, take the same tests, and the child can be graded just like in school, and at the same pace.
– Don’t do any of the above, and receive no grades. A general comment on the child’s progress is made at the end of each semester.

Suomen kotiopettajat – Finnish Home Educators.

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